Saturday, December 20, 2008

i-mini - (motorcycle i-charge)


Electronic Management Unit to improve fuel saving & voltage stabilizer for motorcycle

Japan Zeromax has launced i-CHARGE since last year Nov 2007, and has been proven to be a very effective product in reduce fuel consumption and also improve car's performance since then. many users has benefited from using i-CHARGE and here today, another important invention from Zeromax is this new i-MINI for motorcycle. It is produced after knowing there is a big demand for i-CHARGE like products in motorcycle market too. So zeromax start R&D for this invention since last year. Today i-MINI is brought to you after the repeated trying and hard work from the R&D teams in Zeromax.

Special features of i-MINI:
- Voltage Sabilizing System (VSS)
- Improve Battery Efficiency
- Enhance Alternator Power Supply
- Fuel Saving
- Better Engine Reponse
- Improve Ignition System
- Hibernate When Not in Use
- Easy Installation
- Free Maintenance
- Longer Battery Life
- Better Electonic Parts Response

- Price : RM595 for 2 units

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